It all started when I started seeing the Realisation Par‘s leopard skirt all over my Instagram feed. I swear that skirt was worn by everyone that I followed. Given, it’s a beautiful skirt but I couldn’t justify spending over $100 bucks… View Post

If you keep up to date with my life on Instagram, you’ll most definitely be aware that I visited New York for a week with my friends back in April. Even though I shared a good amount of pictures from… View Post

I’ve visited the AGO several times but I think that the last visit I made was my favourite so far. Since Art History is one of the double majors that I’m doing in university, the appreciation that I have for… View Post

Dressed in all grey on a gloomy winter day with a little beret to give this outfit a bit more of a character. I’m obsessed with this turtleneck from H&M and have been wearing it so much lately (if you’re… View Post