Looking Back at 2016 & Goals for 2017

2016 is officially coming to an end and I still cannot believe how fast this year went by. Although I say that the year wasn’t that great of one and that nothing interesting happened. Looking back at all the photos and the memories that I made this year makes me realize that it actually wasn’t too bad of a year. I experienced new things, met some amazing new people, and made my relationships with those in my life stronger than before. Yes, there were some shitty times this month but there definitely were good things as well. I went through my 2016 folder on my laptop and picked a couple of pictures that stood out to me. I wanted to keep this post relatively short and sweet so it was quite hard to pick just a few photos but here they are.

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I’ve been with these three girls since elementary school and it honestly does amaze me how we’ve been such close friends for such a long period of time. I’m truly blessed to have a group of friends where we’re comfortable enough to just spend time together while not actually conversing and not having it be awkward (I think that should be the test on the level of comfort you have with somebody). We’re officially all in our 20s now and I’m quite excited to see what the next couple of years old for us.


In 2015 I had the great pleasure to go to NYFW with Polyvore as their community correspondent. I couldn’t be more thankful for the opportunity that I received and will always be a memory that I’ll never forget. This year I was featured as one of Polyvore’s ‘Top Tastemakers’ in one of Fusion’s snapchat story articles. I’ve never had a work of mine published for something like this so it was insane to see my set and words be featured on the article. Although this blog features a lot of my personal style, I’d say that my polyvore profile does the best in doing that since I’m not limited to a specific amount of clothes and can portray my style with pieces that I don’t physically own. It’s crazy to see how much my polyvore account has grown over the last couple of years and it really does mean a lot to me that so many people follow it to see something that reflects my personal style.


I met these girls in my first semester of my second year. Before that I didn’t really associate myself with a lot of people from school nor did I really attend school events. After meeting them I’ve been more involved with the events that occur in my program and they’ve definitely helped me enjoy school much more. Having a group of people who share similar interests in you and work in such creative ways really influences you to do the same and I’d honestly say that if I wasn’t surrounded by such creative people like them, where I am with this blog or any of my creative outlets wouldn’t be the same.


Summer 2016. I honestly don’t have any words that can explain how good of a summer I had. It was the first time I’ve ever spent a long time away from home and my parents and I think it really did help in making me more independent. I spent the entire summer with my sister and I couldn’t have asked for a better person to spend it with. Despite our differences and the small arguments that we had here and there, being around her 24/7 never got boring. Having really similar interests as her really does help in the bonding process and through that we experienced so many things and visited so many places.

It was also the longest I’ve ever spent in Korea since moving back to Canada and after spending 4 months there it really made me want to move there in the future. I met amazing people during my trip to Korea and had the privilege to work at an academy surrounded by adorable little children. I also got to order Korean fried chicken to my house weekly so that was a major plus.

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The last image to this blog post is one that I took at my birthday dinner. For this year I had a simple birthday dinner with my closest friends and I couldn’t have spent it any other way. Despite the fact that I merged different friend groups together, it was so nice to see everyone get along and just have a good time. Not only is it a highlight because it was my birthday, it’s also a birthday where I’ve hit a new chapter in my life. My 20s. I honestly cannot believe that I’m already 20 and honestly am quite scared of the fact that I’m getting closer and closer into officially being an adult (not sure if there’s actually an age where people categorize you as one). However, as much as I’m scared of what’s to come in my 20s I’m equally excited for all that will come.

With all that I wrote about 2016, I also have some goals I want to keep for the new year. They are:

  • don’t make impulsive purchases
  • explore more of what’s around  you & take as many pictures you can along the way
  • build stronger relationships with those good in your life & don’t be afraid to scrap out ones that aren’t
  • don’t say ‘yes’ just to make others happy, put yourself first
  • stop comparing your success with others, focus on what you’re doing and try to make it the best you can
  • make more blog content & post more
  • don’t be afraid to attempt something. Better it be done than regret not doing it later

After writing for this blog post I think I’m underestimating how good 2016 actually was to me. I take back everything I said about it being a shitty year because it definitely could’ve been a lot worse than how it actually was. If you’re still reading this post, thank you so much for visiting this blog and making my year much better. I’m excited for what 2017 has in store for both me and this blog. I hope you had a really good 2016 and if you didn’t – I really hope that 2017 is a good one for you.



  1. 01/02/2017 / 11:44 AM

    I wish my year went as good as yours went. But besides all the bad things that happened, I got to finish high school and I might be going to university if all goes well. I’m hoping for a good 2017.

    Palesa | http://beingpalesa.com

    • annielizjung
      01/03/2017 / 11:49 PM

      I’m sure your year was good! I definitely didn’t think mine was before I wrote this post. That’s amazing – wish you the best of luck in 2017!

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