Oh, Lolly Day

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Where I Went / OH LOLLY DAY (212-4 Wonnam-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul)

I saw so many pictures of the infamous pink roof that the cafe Oh, Lolly Day has. It was on one of the top cafes that I needed to visit once I got to Korea but because it isn’t located close to where I live, I’ve put it off for some time. For some odd reason I thought it would be a good idea to go to the cafe during the hottest time of the year here.

The moment I walked into the cafe and felt that AC air, I thought I was in heaven. After cooling off with our iced drinks, my friend and I headed upstairs to see the little shop that they have. I seriously wanted to purchase everything that they had there, but being a girl on a budget I just opted for a planner and postcard. I really regret not getting their phone cases, but maybe I’ll go again before I leave Korea and get one. Despite the fact that it was around 35 degrees, we headed up to the roof. The only upside to it being that hot was how there weren’t that many people on the roof with us, which made it easy to take the pictures that I have in this post. Unfortunately they didn’t allow anyone to sit on the pink flamingo because there were a couple that deflated with so many people sitting on them. Plus, there was water on the flamingo tube so I wasn’t planning to sit on it.

If you like all things pink and white I really really recommend going to this cafe. It’s not too hard to get to and the vibe and overall aesthetic is definitely worth it.


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