Oversized button-downs and tunics have really caught my attention these days. I feel like it’s such an easy and effortless outfit to put on but with the right accessories you can leave the house without looking like a total slob. I’ve had this shirt dress for so long now (about 6 years) but I didn’t really wear it as much because of its vibrant colour.

If you’ve seen other outfit posts of mine you’ll be able to see that I don’t really wear clothes that aren’t part of the neutral palette. However, I’m trying to change that up and start wearing more vibrant and clothes with some colour in them. It might be because the summer weather makes me want to wear some vibrant colours or just that I’ve come to realize that my outfits are getting quite dull. Hopefully I actually stick with this and really do start wearing things that aren’t just neutral toned.

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It was a long weekend last week and my sister and I decided to go on a quick trip. It was last minute and we packed a small carry-on for the two of us and headed to Jeonju, Korea. The… View Post