Guess who’s back! By no means did I plan to take a hiatus from this blog. I didn’t even realize that the last time I posted something was two months ago (time is seriously flying by). It just sort of… View Post

Frills and bows are definitely not two things that come into my mind when I think about my personal style or the clothes that are in my closet. However, as much as I advocate how important it is to stay true to… View Post

During the summer my outfits tend to consist mainly of two colours. White and blue (denim). When you look into my closet, you’d be able to immediately notice that the ratio to the number of white tops I have to… View Post

There’s been a lack in blog posts lately and although I’m out of school now, which should give me more time to go and shoot some outfits, I’ve been busy with work and haven’t been carrying my camera around. However,… View Post