WHAT I WORE // SWEATER – H&M / COAT – VINTAGE / PANTS – THRIFTED / SHOES – TOPSHOP  You never know what you’ll find when you go thrifting. I’m still very new to thrifting and have many instances when I come out of the store empty-handed. I think the biggest tips when thrifting is to enter the store with a low expectation and go… View Post

2016 is officially coming to an end and I still cannot believe how fast this year went by. Although I say that the year wasn’t that great of one and that nothing interesting happened. Looking back at all the photos and the memories that I made this year makes me realize that it actually wasn’t too bad of a year. I experienced new things, met… View Post

What I Wore // Sweater – Banana Republic / Skirt – Vintage / Boots – Topshop Hope everyone had an amazing Christmas and enjoyed some bomb-ass food! This post features another piece of item that I pulled out of my mom’s closet. It’s slightly hard to see the details in this post but the bottom of the skirt has a mermaid flare. One that isn’t… View Post

What I Wore // Sweater – Uniqlo, Jeans – Topshop Boutique / Boots – Topshop (similar) / Scarf – Vintage / Coat – Vintage I read a news report that Toronto is currently colder than Mars. If that is true, it’s absolutely insane and I need to leave this place ASAP. If I’m going to school or running errands I like to just wear my… View Post