What I Wore // Sweater – Banana Republic / Skirt – Vintage / Boots – Topshop Hope everyone had an amazing Christmas and enjoyed some bomb-ass food! This post features another piece of item that I pulled out of my mom’s closet. It’s slightly hard to see the details in this post but the bottom of the skirt has a mermaid flare. One that isn’t… View Post

What I Wore // Sweater – Uniqlo, Jeans – Topshop Boutique / Boots – Topshop (similar) / Scarf – Vintage / Coat – Vintage I read a news report that Toronto is currently colder than Mars. If that is true, it’s absolutely insane and I need to leave this place ASAP. If I’m going to school or running errands I like to just wear my… View Post

WHAT I WORE // Top – Korea (similar) / Cardigan – H&M (similar) / Jeans – Topshop / Coat – Vintage / Belt – FromBeginning / Shoes – Aldo  Guess who’s finally got her hands on a pair of OTK (over the knee) boots after months of singing about how much she’s wanted it?! On Black Friday weekend I was browsing online through different stores if… View Post

Where I Went // Distillery Christmas Market If you know me personally, you would most likely know that I’ve been in the Christmas spirit since the beginning of November. I’ve already started listening to festive songs and have started decorating my room accordingly. Luckily I’m surrounded by friends who are in the same boat as me. The Distillery District holds a Christmas Market that occurs annually.… View Post