Sticking to the Basics

Although I call myself a ‘style blogger’ there has been many times when I questioned the label that I put on myself because I didn’t think I fit well into it. The main reason why I’ve always second-guessed myself is because of the lack in the different pieces and outfits that I blog about. I have a fairly small closet and also have the tendency to wear the shit out of the pieces that I’m into, so trying to curate new and unique outfits with the pieces that I have can sometimes be quite hard since I feel like I’ve shown all already. I’ve had this thought until recently when I decided that I shouldn’t let that dictate the content that I produce. This blog is entirely about my personal style, and since my personal style includes minimal/simple outfits, I shouldn’t feel pressured into going out of my personal style just to create new content.

Another factor to this change of my mindset is the part where I don’t do impulse purchases anymore. Before, I used to just go shopping and buy things that I wasn’t completely into just for the sake of having a new piece in my closet. Now all those pieces are just sitting in my closet and I can count the number of times I’ve worn them with one hand. I realized how much money I wasted doing that when I could’ve saved up for something worth the money and that’s good quality. That’s where this CDG shirt comes in. I actually bought this shirt over the summer during my visit to Tokyo. Since CDG is a Japanese brand, it was much much much cheaper to buy it there than in Canada. Some people might think it’s crazy to spend such money on a piece of clothing but in all honesty, the quality of the shirt totally justifies it. It’s something that I’ve already gotten so much use out of, something incredibly versatile, and is a piece that’ll last for a long time. Owning a good basic like this is something that everyone should do and can do if they save up just a bit. So stop buying those pieces that you’re not completely in love with and save up that money to spend on a good basic piece like this! Trust me, you won’t regret it.

WHAT I’M WEARING // Jacket – Oak + Fort, Shirt- CDG Play, Turtleneck – H&M (similar), Jeans – DIY, Shoes – Aldo


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